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Peter Glaser Trio


Description: This trio, born busking on the streets of London, for about ten years played a lot, collecting hundreds of gigs between England, Italy and Denmark bringin’ genuine music and unforgettable gigs anywhere they could. This recording lasts one hour, before being interrupted by the police (everything on tape). Sold out!

Members of the group:

  • Peter Glaser: Harmonica, vocal
  • Hans Thygesen: Semiacoustic guitar
  • Frank De Franceschi: Semiacoustic guitar
  • Producción: DBR Records

Index of songs:

  1. Wonderful Time - (J. Lee Williamson)

  2. Kansas City - (Leiber-Stoller)

  3. Tell Me Why - (Thygesen-Glaser)

  4. Bummertime - (Gershwin)

  5. Think Fit - (De Franceschi)

  6. Plankton Boogie - (Thygesen-Glaser-De Franceschi)

  7. Midnight Sun (Pianissimo) - (Thygesen)

  8. Late Cookin' - (De Franceschi)

  9. You Say You Love Me - (Thygesen-Glaser-De Franceschi)

  10. Brother & Sister Blues - (Thygesen-Glaser-De Franceschi)

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