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Nómada - Frank De Franceschi - 2008

Description: This work tries to fuse Flamenco with elements of Afro-American and North African music, using the resophonic guitar played with a slide percussions. The music has been created while touring Spain and Hong Kong and visiting Morocco.

Kilometers & Miles

Frank De Franceschi


Description: This work reflects years of incessantly giggin', especially as a solo acoustic act, constantly travellin' (read DRIVING and DRIVING and more DRIVING) in the so called «Old Continent» and the States, collecting hundreds of gigs, kilometers and miles. Thanks to my mechanic.

This is it

Frank De Franceschi


Description: CD of electric blues cut almost entirely live in the studio with American and Italian musicians. Almost every song is original, exploring different types of bluesy rhythm. Many songs were recorded in a Hammond organ/drums/voice and guitar setting.


Honky Tonk Duo


Description: Ragtime music played in duo with pianist Alcide Ronzani. Music from that era, with only a few originals. This CD sold 40,000 copies in Japan and it’s now sold out!.

Get a band and go places

Frank De Franceschi Group


Description: Electric trio live in the studio, with Stefano Navone on the bass and Gabriele Grotto on the drums. Peter Glaser as a special guest blowing blues harp.


Peter Glaser Trio


Description: This trio, born busking on the streets of London, for about ten years played a lot, collecting hundreds of gigs between England, Italy and Denmark bringin’ genuine music and unforgettable gigs anywhere they could. This recording lasts one hour, before being interrupted by the police (everything on tape). Sold out!

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